From Monday 8th April 2024

After introducing the Cramer brand of professional battery-powered tools to the UK through Handy since 2021, Cramer has now launched its own subsidiary, which went live on Monday this week (8th April 2024). 

With new offices and a new warehouse based in the Swindon area (changed from the original plan of Birmingham), Cramer say they are now geared up to support its 82v commercial products across the UK. A new dedicated team of back-office staff, sales team and demonstration teams have been in place for several weeks. Cramer UK say they are now set to demonstrate  its 82v range for the commercial market, share its battery knowledge and capabilities, present their charging solutions and demonstrate what they describe as "the cost efficiency for ownership over petrol, for a better world."

 Mark Moseley, Handy sales and marketing director, has extended his congratulations to the new UK Cramer team, saying, “With their dedication and expertise, we look forward to their continued success and making significant contributions to the industry”.
Globe Technologies in return has expressed gratitude to Handy's team for their dedicated efforts over the past three years in establishing Cramer as a leading brand in the commercial battery sector within its dealer network.

Jean-Christoph Durot, Vice-President of Cramer division Europe, said, “The UK is one of the key countries to establish our own Cramer organisation to deal directly with dealers, to support them with the transition from petrol to battery for commercial users. Globe Technologies will be making substantial investments in Cramer in the UK to launch innovative products, like battery zero-turn mowers as well as robotics (boundary wire and wireless) for commercial users. The 82V commercial range is already a big part of this product innovation plan”.

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