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The Landbased Training and Education Committee (LE-TEC) has teamed up with Pershore College, part of Warwickshire College Group to offer industry partners an opportunity to learn about the new Apprenticeship Standards.

The event will take place on Tuesday 10th July at Pershore College.

“The purpose of the event is to bring those people involved with the planning, recruitment, delivery and assessment of the 'Landbased Service Engineer' and 'Landbased Service Engineering Technician' apprenticeship standards up to speed on the new standards, their contents and assessment; together with an overview of the expectations for quality and delivery set out by the landbased engineering industry and wider stakeholders,” said Alastair Taylor, CEO of the Institution of Agricultural Engineers.

The audience for the event will be landbased engineering dealers, employers, as well as college staff and trainers with topics including:

  • Apprenticeships and the Workforce Challenge - an overview of the work undertaken by the Landbased Engineering industry to establish new apprenticeship standards.
  • The Employer Perspective - avoiding the challenge of the aging workforce
  • The Training Provider Perspective on developing an effective partnership with the employer and the apprentice

The afternoon will have more of a focus on the information needed by employers and will include:

  • End Point Assessment – an overview of the standards expected and how to prepare for a high quality outcome.
  • Apprenticeship Quality Assurance – how we makes sure the standards are maintained

“A great deal of effort and expense has gone into developing these new apprenticeship standards for Landbased Engineering Service Engineering and now that we are at the delivery stage it is vital that we think about how we build in quality right from the outset. We owe that to industry,” Alastair added.

 If you would like to attend the event, please book at this website

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