Wins Silver Award

FarmDroid, which is imported and distributed in the UK by Opico, has been awarded a Silver Award for Innovation by the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) in their 2022 Technical Innovation Awards.

James Woolway, managing director of Opico, said, “We are thrilled that FarmDroid has been recognised by RHASS and has been awarded such a prestigious award. FarmDroid has come up with a unique solution that is suited to large and small-scale farming systems.

"While it’s early days for Opico, we’re coming to the UK market with a product that is tried and tested as there are over 200 machines already in use around Europe. The timing couldn’t be better with rising energy costs, labour issues and environmental factors at the forefront of UK farmers’ minds and FarmDroid ticks so many boxes in all these respects.

"Opico has the distribution network, parts and technical teams to support FarmDroid throughout the UK and this award endorses the ground breaking product we have committed to.”

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