Specialist teams up with Carr's Billington

Bale preservative application specialist Harvest Tec has announced that it is to directly distribute its Baler's Choice preservative and advanced applicator range via its own dedicated UK and European sales and service network.

The change in distribution arrangement has been made, say the Wisconsin based company, to enable them to have direct control over the sales and service of its products. Harvest Tec have announced they will be working with Carr's Billington, who will act as a central distribution hub, to ensure prompt availability of applicator systems after sale and a rapid supply of spare parts.

Carr's Billington will hold both applicator units and spare parts for dispatch to all other Harvest Tec UK dealerships.

For simplicity and clarity, all applicator systems will in future be branded and supplied under the Harvest Tec name. Previously for the UK market they were marketed by OEM brand, such as Crop Saver, Thirty Plus or Hayboss, which the company believe complicated stocking and parts supply. By branding all applicators under the Harvest Tec name, the manufacturer says this will aid both applicator and spare parts availability, and help reduce cost.

Bryant Henningfeld, sales manager for Harvest Tec Inc said, "Harvest Tec is excited to transition our UK distribution of applicators and moisture sensors working with Carr’s Billington to allow us to better serve the UK dealer network and provide on-time delivery to customer requests.

"We are committed to serving the livestock and equine markets by extending operator baling time as well as producing superior quality hay and straw, and this new distribution model will provide superior product availability and precision application equipment in order to achieve that."

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