From a generational intelligence expert

Courtesy of Service Dealer's YouTube channel, below you can watch Dr Eliza Filby, the 'generational intelligence' expert who delivered the keynote address at our recent Conference, talk about why it's so important for dealers to bridge the generational gap between employees in their workforce.

Also you can hear her top tips for how small businesses might best go about retaining their brightest and best members of staff.

Whilst at the Conference, Jenni Green from Service Dealer, also caught up with some of our sponsors. First up she speaks to Des Boyd, sales director of Kramp UK, who believes that dealers attending the annual event truly benefit from both the technical information relayed by the presenters, but also crucially, from sharing experiences and challenges with their peers.

On the day, Jenni also heard from Mike Hind, UK field sales manager at Husqvarna UK, who whilst talking about why they chose to be involved with the event, also tells us about Husqvarna's recent bold move to attend SALTEX with a petrol-free stand.

If you head over to Service Dealer's YouTube channel you can catch up with all the category winners presentation videos from the Dealer Of The Year Awards, as well as the individual awards for Star of the Dealership, Apprentice of the Year and Outstanding Contribution. Also available on there are video chats with dealers who attended plus our archive of previous clips.

You can also view all the Conference & Awards videos on a dedicated page on the Service Dealer website.

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