Based on Google Cloud AI’s technology

Kramp announced a new mobile application during the Agritechnica event in Hannover recently.

The company says the application uses product recognition to locate incoming goods quickly, find products by scanning a barcode and recognize products from a picture. Upon launch, the app will not find every product instantaneously - but with machine learning and regular software updates this feature will improve over time.

“Those features were requested by our dealers as part of our co-development with them,'' said Eddie Perdok, Kramp CEO. “We strive to innovate continuously and design new technology solutions as much as possible together with dealers and farmers.”

During the last two years, Kramp say they have utilised Google Cloud technology to completely revamp its web shop and customer account area, while significant improvements have also been made to the search engine facility, ensuring customers get the most relevant results from the Kramp inventory. This partnership has evolved into the latest innovation, the new Kramp app, focused primarily on the needs of dealers.

Eddie Perdok, Kramp CEO said, “Kramp’s motto is ‘It’s that Easy’ which is perfectly reflected by the new Kramp app. The opportunities with the app are really exciting and will be hugely beneficial for dealers and farmers. We’re continually looking at ways to deliver great solutions for our customers. We’re working on enhancements to several of our channels and the speed of invention at Kramp is unique due to several factors including the work that our team does on a daily basis and the continued collaboration with technology giant Google.”

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