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A new series of podcasts, Inside Agri-Turf has been launched by Chris Biddle, the founder of Service Dealer and TurfPro magazines.

Chris says they will reflect on issues across both the agricultural and grasscare markets, and feature analysis of topical stories and conversations with those at the sharp-end of the industry.

A short trailer for the series is now available on the Inside Agri-Turf website, which also features details of the first regular episode to be available next week which will look at the role of trade associations, particular during the current pandemic. In it, Chris discusses the events of the past few months with Ruth Bailey, CEO and Director-General of the AEA representing manufacturers and suppliers and Keith Christian, Director of the dealer trade association, BAGMA.

A wide-ranging conversation covers the ‘mood-music’ in the industry, how their support for members (and others) has been highly appreciated, supply prospects, Brexit (again) and the future of shows and exhibitions. Both Ruth and Keith also speak highly of the part that Service Dealer has played in recent weeks, hosting Zoom meetings with dealers and manufacturers on a regular basis.

Chris says, “During lock-down, I decided to teach myself the basics of podcast production and editing audio. I’m still on a learning curve but having done several test interviews, am now ready to roll out the series.”

“Like many people, I tend to listen to selected podcasts as much as I do the radio. Having spent a lifetime in this industry from tractor demonstrator for a manufacturer, to dealer in both ag and turfcare and most recently as a journalist and publisher of trade magazines, I remain fascinated and in awe at the diversity of this industry and of the people who work in it. We are a traditional industry with increasing overtones of innovative technology to match any industry”.

The podcast is also currently available on Spotify and will be hosted on other podcast platforms.

Chris adds, “I’ve progressed from a pen and notebook to basic recording and editing equipment in my home office and am just loving this new challenge!”

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