Service Dealer Awards 2021

Nominations are officially OPEN!

In light of the past 18 months our award categories have been modified to reflect the hard work of dealerships and their employees during this time - both within their businesses but also in their communities.

The nomination process is slightly different this year and only available online, so please read the guidance below on how to nominate yourself or a business/ person for an award before you start.

There are also two additional awards for Lifetime Achievement & Dealer of the Year, which will be privately discussed by the Panel.

Good luck!


Apprentice of the Year

Most Creative Communications of 2020/21

Have you communicated effectively, through social media or by other means or do you know a dealership that has?

Apprentice of the Year

Best New Initiative in 2020/21

Did you have a great new idea in 2020/21 that came to fruition and was a success or do you know a dealership that did?

Apprentice of the Year

Extra-mile Award 2020/21

In a period where kindness towards others has been key, are you or do you know a dealership that has gone above & beyond?

Apprentice of the Year

Star of the Dealership

This award celebrates those unsung heroes, working hard to make a difference in a dealership, supporting you and your customers.

Apprentice of the Year

Apprentice of the Year

This award recognises those apprentices who stand out from the crowd, have applied themselves and have worked really hard.

Apprentice of the Year

Leadership Award

We want to recognise those businesses/people who have led from the front during these difficult times, supporting the wider industry as well as their businesses and colleagues.

Guide to nominations – Please read prior to nominating!

If you’ve entered one of our Awards for yourself before or if you’ve nominated somebody else, you will notice that things are a little different this year!

Before you start a nomination please consider the following points:

1. Make sure you have time to complete your nomination in full, so you don’t have to start again - this includes having any supporting evidence to hand.

2. You only have 250 words to explain why you or the business/ person you are nominating is deserving of the award. You might consider writing this first in a word document and then pasting it into the text box on the form, this just means you can do a word count and ensure you are covering all the important bits!

3.You can supply 3 pieces of supporting evidence as either a word doc, pdf, or jpeg. If you have videos or anything else, you might consider sending us links within a word doc so we can view them on Youtube or on social media, etc. Ideas for what you might include as supporting evidence for your nomination:

a. Word document with named customer testimonials e.g. John Smith from Birmingham said “XYZ” about us. These should be from named individuals and you should provide an email address for them for random verification by Service Dealer – customers must have given you authority to use their testimonial and provide their contact details for verification in line with GDPR legislation.

b. Photograph of your new showroom that you revamped during lockdown

c. PDF with examples of the business' social media, including screen grabs and links to videos.

d. Photo of the Star of the Dealership/ Apprentice that you are nominating.

e. Statistics in a pdf explaining how successful a campaign has been.

The idea is that we give our Judging Panel a feel for the business/ person being nominated and an understanding of why they deserve an award.

4. Please be aware that if you are nominating someone else then we will let them know they have been nominated and if you don’t have supporting evidence we can ask them for it after nomination.

And, if you would like some more detailed information about what we are specifically looking for in each category, you can see this once you click NOMINATE NOW.

A Judging Panel will review all the nominations prior to the Awards Ceremony on the 25th November.